Why be jealous of a Facebook fraud?

Facebook can be great! You can keep in touch with your loved ones with pictures, audio and video call, status updates and it has given a chance for socially anxious or unavailable people to be able to communicate…


But it can also be soul destroying. Not only has social media opened up new ways for bullying, grooming and verbal abuse but it is incredibly fake.

Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed and seen that girl from school who you used to be friends with? OMG she’s travelling the world and she’s smiling in all her pictures?


Or maybe you scroll through and see someone who used to make your life miserable and they’re smiling with their fiance and their beautiful new baby?

giphy (1).gif

And you just sit there and think. Fuck. What the fuck.

And just to make matters worse, you normally see these posts when you are going through a tough time or just generally feeling low.

So you sit and wallow in self pity, wondering why your life isn’t like that. Why you’re not that happy? Why you haven’t travelled the world? Why you don’t earn lots of money? Why no-one loves you enough to propose and impregnate you?

giphy (2).gif

Ladies and Gentlemen… You are prepared for a shock!!!!

Those pictures and posts you see are there for life but the happiness within those pictures may have only lasted five minutes. You never ever know what goes on behind closed doors or what is around the corner. There is no point being envious or wallowing in self pity because of a facebook post. 

You don’t know if that individual is posting the picture out of genuine happiness. Maybe they felt happiness for five days or five minutes or maybe they’ve just suffered a really tough year and finally had a happy moment. 

Maybe they are trying to convince other people they are happy because actually, they are hiding shameful secrets at home and maybe, their relationship isn’t as perfect as their big pearly smiles and the gorgeous shiny rock on her finger.

Maybe they are so low, they got up, dressed up and did their hair and make up for the day. Maybe they actually thought they looked great or maybe they didn’t and maybe they are looking for attention because life for them really isn’t that great.

giphy (6).gif



giphy (5).gif

So, next time you feel shitty because Becky with the good hair has her fourth mac lipstick this month to kiss her hot boyfriend with his incredible abs in a jacuzzi on holiday in Saint-Tropez…

giphy (4).gif

Remember everything in your life that is good. Everything you have achieved. Everyone that loves you and everyone you love. Be mother chuckin’ grateful… because there is probably someone out there looking at your pictures thinking “Damn, I wish I had my life together like that bitch”.

giphy (3)

Okay? Good!



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I have battled with mental health and substance misuse for years and this blog is about my journey. I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cry but most of all inspires you to live the best life you can 🦋

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