I never realised how much I weighed when I was drinking but then again, I was drunk.

Being sober over Christmas began with a struggle but I feel quite in control at the moment.

Despite me being a gym and fitness fanatic, I decided to do what makes me happy this christmas and if that means eating a whole Toblerone in one go, then so be it! It’s Christmas!


Christmas dinner is just the best, I used to eat 2 every year! Then, all the yummy puddings on top. Plus, the chocolate gifts. I just assumed I had put on weight.

I don’t weight myself often because I know muscle and fat weight different and I am very into my fitness. However, I was getting ready for the gym as I hadn’t been in a week or so due to it being Christmas and I decided to step on the scales. The last time I had weighed myself I was 9st10. This didn’t bother me, I know I’m not fat. I also know my weight constantly goes between 9st5 and 9st10 depending on the day of the week (due to alcohol). So, as I had been eating a lot of crap this Christmas, I stepped on the scales expecting over 10 stone.



THAT’S 7 POUNDS I’VE LOST OVER CHRISTMAS. You are kidding right?


I tried to come up with many reasons why this could be a lie but then it clicked… alcohol. I haven’t had a drink in a couple of weeks. The amount of sugar I consumed at the weekend was probably enough for a 3 course meal after eating dinner. I never thought about it. I used to think I was drinking all this sugary fun but then I was dancing it off so who cares?

Seeing that number on the scales just pushed me further into sobriety. I get more happiness by what my body looks like from working out than from how much I weigh but this just made me feel like my choice was right. It was positive and after 2 weeks of not drinking and not exactly eating healthier, I have lost 7 pounds then it must be working wonders to the rest of my body!


It can only get better ❤


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I have battled with mental health and substance misuse for years and this blog is about my journey. I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cry but most of all inspires you to live the best life you can 🦋

3 thoughts on “I never realised how much I weighed when I was drinking but then again, I was drunk.”

  1. Yayyyy check you out. Another positive who knewand yes its not about the number its about how you feel. But can you imagine the good its doing you your body, your skin etc. Xxxx

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