So yesterday, I had Hypnotherapy.

It was kind of strange and I was skeptical but recently, I have been studying Freud and was interested to see what might happen and afterwards I felt amazing.

The first hour involved me introducing myself to Linda, the therapist and talking through my problems, what I wanted to change and why it’s a problem for me. We had a really long talk and I felt very comfortable telling a complete stranger about my life. It was difficult to admit things in a way but I was brave as I knew if I didn’t commit 100%, then it may not help me. She was very understanding and she told me about how she was very shy as a child due to her neglectful past and this led her to hypnotherapy which changed her life. She was proof that this therapy could work and that was great.

The second part of the therapy was the hypnosis. I laid on a chair and she told me to relax. As I started to relax my mind, my body started to relax and she continued to talk to me in a soft voice. Eventually I drifted off into what is supposed to be the unconscious mind. All I can remember is a series of images or clips. Some real and some made up. I saw images of a polar bear and Father Christmas. Then I saw a cat and a fish. I also saw a group of “chavs” with babies. Then I saw my ex boyfriend. It was all very strange. I could feel myself becoming heavier and before I knew it my body jolted and I woke up. Linda calmed me down and I went into a hypnosis state again where I was more aware of her voice. She then began to wake me up and counted to 10. By 8 I needed to open my eyes and by 10 I was full awake.


Linda said I responded very well and she was very happy with the session.

She asked me how long I thought I was out for and I said “10 minutes, maybe 15 at a push” and she laughed and said “No it was 35 minutes!” I couldn’t believe it. I felt very positive after the experience, I felt calm which is unusual for me as I’m constantly on the go.

Linda said that each session, It will become easier to fall into the hypnotic state and… So I booked another session for next Monday! I left with a relaxation cd and next week, I will have some coping strategies.

Such a lovely lady!

Wish me luck 😘



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I have battled with mental health and substance misuse for years and this blog is about my journey. I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cry but most of all inspires you to live the best life you can 🦋

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