For all students wishing this academic year was done already!

Stressed? Of course you are. Silly question…


In the next 2 and a half months, I have 6 pieces of written work to hand in and 3 exams. WHAT A JOKE RIGHT? 

For some reason, I have woken up on the right side of the bed today and I am feeling determined and positive… probably because I have to as I have an essay due tomorrow at 4pm.

Anyway, if I could give you any advice to help you survive the next few weeks, it would be this:


You have basic needs and make sure they are met:

  • Keep fed. No one likes a hangry bitch. Eat well too. By eating healthy food, you will have more energy and you will fee better about yourself psychological as well as physically. But if not, just eat. Make sure you are fed!


  • Stay hydrated. Being a university student, 9 times out of 10 there is going to be alcohol somewhere in your week at least once. If you are going to drink, also drink water. For your body and brain to work, it needs water. Also, drinking less water can make you feel hungry and therefore, hangry. Like I said, no-one likes a hangry bitch.


  • Get sleep. Go to bed early and wake up feeling fresh. You need this to function. Take advantage of the whole day. By laying in bed, you are only going to procrastinate and before you know it, its 3pm and you just give up because the days pretty much over. Get up, get shit sorted! Nap later if need be. Also, sorry guys but get into bed and DO NOT GO ON YOUR PHONE. This just prevents sleep and will make you agitated.


  • Don’t be scared to miss a night out. There are going to be so many more opportunities for you to get shitfaced. I know its a good stress relief but you will lose money, days and probably part of your soul from it. It’s ok to say no.


  • Be clean. Have a shower, do your hair and makeup or whatever you’re in to. It’ll make you feel better. Get dressed and get ready! Fake it until you make it hun.


  • See other human beings. If you don’t, you’ll become even more isolated. Go for a coffee with a friend and talk about anything but essays and exams. St this point, it really doesn’t matter if you want to bitch about one of your housemates or rant about something you’ve seen on facebook. Just let it all out.


  • Call yo’ mumma. Call yo’ daddy. Call your family. They care about you and it’s nice to know someone cares. Even if it is a drastic piece of advice. Even if you don’t talk about your stresses, it will calm you just hearing a bit of normality and I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!


  • Get moving. You don’t have to run 10k but do some form of physical activity. Even if it is walking around campus. You will feel much better for it. Exercise releases happy endorphins! Plus, if you do workout, your body will have a reason to be tired which will hopefully result in a better nights sleep.


  • Have a holiday… from social media. Whilst it can be great for keeping in contact, it can also drag you down. It’s never nice to sit in swamped in essays and watch other people having fun. Get your shit done and then join your friends at the beach instead of liking their selfies on the sand.


  • Plan! I’m sure you are sick of hearing plan your work so I won’t say that but plan the next day. Plan your outfit so you can role out of bed and get dressed. Shower the night before so you don’t have to think about getting out of a warm bed into the cold. If you are wide awake the evening before, cook for the next day. You will feel so much organised and organisation is key when you are feeling like poo.


  • Give yourself a break. Focus on the first priority. There is no point stressing about next weeks essay when you have one due this week. Skip a lecture if you have too. Don’t finish your reading. It’s okay. Give yourself a break! The most important things to do after looking after yourself is to complete your marked work. This is what will get you through uni. Don’t stress if you haven’t done the reading. Do what you can. You are only human!


  • REMEMBER – YOU CAN ONLY TRY YOUR BEST. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, we become overwhelmed. Sometimes things happen out of our control. Chill out. Breathe. No matter if you have to work 20 hours more at work this week, if you are struggling with your mental health, if you have a virus or if you have just overloaded yourself, focus. You can only do your best. This essay may not be as good as the last but maybe last month, you didn’t have any of the issues you have this month. Trying your best is the best thing you can do and be proud that you have achieved your best at that moment!

try your best.gif

Spring term ends in 45 days. 12 of those days are weekends. 14 days of those is Easter break.



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I have battled with mental health and substance misuse for years and this blog is about my journey. I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cry but most of all inspires you to live the best life you can 🦋

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