6 months sober and proud! 

Well, I never thought I’d be here.

That’s 26 weekends that I’ve survived! Considering I started this 2 weeks before Christmas, I feel a little bit more proud!

Earlier a comment was made on my 6 month sober post saying “you make it sound like you were an alcoholic”. I was mad for a while. Sorry I wasn’t a raging alcoholic. I don’t have to justify myself or my life choices but I will because I am goddamn proud!

For years, there was rarely a weekend where I wasn’t getting absolutely wasted. Okay, so many teenagers/young adults go through this but everyone’s life is different. I’ve been through things that no one has and vice versa. My mental health is different to everyone’s just like my physical health. Everyone is different.

I am proud that I admitted I had a problem.

I’m proud that I managed to socialise sober. 

I’m proud of the money I’ve saved. 

I’m proud of all my fitness goals I have and am achieving.

I’m proud of passing my evening college classes. 

I’m proud of myself for being myself and not being drunk and emotional.

Most of all, I’m proud I stopped drinking and made it to 6 months.
Binge drinking can be just as bad as relying on alcohol daily. You don’t have to drink yourself to death every day to be classed an alcoholic. There are a lot of different factors. 

I have always had an addictive personality and this mixed with my depression and anxiety can be a soul destroying mix. Add alcohol into the equation and I may as well give up.  

But I was strong and achieved 6 months. It’s funny because many people criticised me for not drinking and today, I was criticised because I stopped drinking and I posted about it.
Honestly, the last 6 months have been the best, most consistent, most successful time of my life. 

I am so looking forward to the next 6 months! ❤️👍🏼


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I have battled with mental health and substance misuse for years and this blog is about my journey. I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cry but most of all inspires you to live the best life you can 🦋

4 thoughts on “6 months sober and proud! ”

  1. I was a binge drinker too. It doesn’t really matter how much we drink, it’s the FEELING about ourselves we are left with, that is the most important. I am thrilled for you on your achievements and goals! You rock!

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